Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye July

Date: July 2008
Days of rain: 30
Total rainfall: 8.2"
Wettest day: July 18, 1.88"
Only dry day: July 2, 0.0"
Days the high temperature was over 60: 7
Days the high temperature was over 60 since July 5: 2
Days the high temperature was below 50: 2
Mean temperature for the month: 52.6
Forecast for the first four days of August:
... Priceless.


  1. Sorry you've had so much rain. Back in the spring you really inspired me to get out. You in the subarctic winter riding hundreds of miles a month. Me in the temperate southern US eating bon bons on the couch. Fast forward to the present, I rode 1000 miles this month (July) on my road bike and now have almost 3000 miles for the year. So maybe you think you've had an off-month, but thanks to you, someone else didn't.

  2. Jill,
    You and your weather crack me up.

    jt in Phoenix

  3. I guess if you lived in Phoenix they would think we are pretty pathetic. But I am with ya. Let July be over, bring on those "partly sunny" August puddles are turning into lakes in my yard and it's not even the rainy season :)

  4. WOW! Down here in Denver, we've had 18 days straight of highs above 90F with no end in sight. Our rainfall for the year is less than half what you've received in July alone.

    The trails are so dusty that when I approached a hiker coming towards me the other day, she pulled her shirt over her mouth to keep from inhaling all the dust I was kicking up.

  5. Screw this. I am taking Monday off. I've never been through so much rain in my life.

  6. Here in Austin, Tx. My Bike commute this morning the avg temp was 76 F.
    The projected high for my commute home is sunny & 98 F with 40%+ humidity. only one shower earlier this month that helped cool me down about 3/4 way home.

    As much as I love Texas and can take the heat. I'm ready for some much needed relief.

  7. Wow! Those dog days of August are upon us.

    Nigity - "Always keep a smile in your heart."

  8. July's is over, and August is coming up, which means only one month before the weather starts deteriorating and it turns back to rain and snow constantly again. Enjoy August while you can.

  9. Thanks.....Great blog.....makes me want to visit Alaska.

    York, PA

  10. Nice Ergon Grips! They're the best!

    Love your blog! Planned on going to Alaska next August for our honeymoon but it's just too darn expensive! Your pictures will have to do for now!

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  12. I have never overrated sunshine and I find less reason to do so observing from a safe distance the travails of the Last Frontier. Long may my Keys temperatures remain in the mid 90's and my sunblock be close at hand.My sympathies for even an Alaskan appears to be put to the test here.

  13. Donchya love the forcast: chance of showers?? Make a commitment already! It's not like the forecast here is going to be accurate so what's the risk?

  14. Nice! I am glad the weather is looking up so that you don't have 5 straight months of pure rain. I know you will enjoy them. They you get to come to cali and enjoy some more heat!

  15. Your next 15 days don't look much better:

  16. We'll all send some of our sun your way, no worries.


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