I knew it wouldn't take long ...

For Geoff to want to get out of town.

But we're going to Haines this weekend, where I will try to convince Geoff to ride a bike and he will try to convince me to take naps.

At least I finally got my road bike in semi-working condition. It feels like a rocket ship compared to my Karate Monkey, although it's really as rickety as ever.

For those who have been watching the Great Divide Race updates, I will try to keep on top of those, but unless I can get ahold of Pete, they may be a bit sporadic in the next 48 hours.

But before I go, I just wanted to leave my fan-girl homage to one burly mountain biker from the UK, from one rickety road biker in the AK:

Go Jenn, go!


  1. You need to stop over using the bike-in-the-photo shot.

  2. Why? Isn't the bike and cycling what it's all about? Well, almost.

  3. Use the bike in photo... its a great signature. I tried a close up of that mailbox. Why isn't anything growing out of that boot!?

  4. Sure, but if overused it is boring. It is probably the best contextual signature, but other signatures should be used as well.

  5. Anyway, that's just my opinion. I still love the shots on this site.

  6. Just wanted to say aloha from a fellow journalist from Hawaii. Great photos on your blog. Thanks for posting them. Take care.

  7. Why should anyone say something is overused? It is your blog after all, and you can put whatever you want on it!


  8. If you would have written along with the “UK” photo, "During the last few days I've been riding and riding and finally reached London," I would probably believe you. I’d question it, but ultimately I would have to believe it since you've had so many rides that to me seem impossible (Iditarod). Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Aaron7:35 AM

    A picture of a pretty bike is almost as good as a picture of a pretty girl.

  10. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Comment sections on blogs is an overused concept.


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