Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To the desert

Date: Oct. 8
Mileage: 23.1
October mileage: 192.0

I was riding Pugsley up the Perseverance Trail today when I ran over a nail (a nail!) that tore a hole in one of the tires (the tire!) I'm worried I may have ruined what happens to be an pretty expensive but well-worn tire. It didn't matter anyway because I had stupidly neglected to bring my repair kit. (My fault, I know). I resigned myself to the five-mile jog home. I was running along the Douglas Highway with a very flat-tired Pugsley rolling beside me when a woman pulled up and offered me a ride into town. I accepted graciously and as she shuttled me the last mile and a half, I learned her name was Robin. It was funny, because last winter, I ripped two valve stems on two tubes and became stranded with my Pugsley way out the Glacier Highway. (It was the first and until today only time Pugsley got a flat) A woman named Robin pulled up in a very similar SUV and offered to let me hang out in her home while I waited for Geoff to come rescue me. It was not the same Robin ... but I have to say, there is no shortage of kind Robins in Juneau.

I leave early Thursday morning for my trip to the Grand Canyon. I believe this will be the fourth time I've hiked Rim-to-Rim with my dad. Annual tradition since 2004. We're hiking Saturday from the South Rim to the North Rim, down the South Kaibab Trail and up the North Kaibab Trail. I'm packing for the trip tonight so I checked out the weather for the places I'll be hanging out this weekend.

Salt Lake City: Rain and snow likely. Highs in the mid 40s. North winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.

Grand Canyon: Breezy. Much cooler. Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain and snow showers. Highs around 44 on the North Rim to around 71 along the Colorado River. Lows around 22 on the North Rim to around 40 along the Colorado River.

What can I say? I take a little bit of Juneau with me wherever I go.


  1. poor pugs - maybe I can sew in a patch...
    have a great trip in the Grand!

  2. Oh my god, that´s wonderful...

  3. Yeah, that sounds pretty cold. The question is whether the same thing could happen if you were visiting, say, Mexico. umm...


  4. Wow! It's much cooler at the GC than it was just two weeks ago when we did Rim2Rim. We went N to S, North Kaibab down, Bright Angel up. Temps were 50 degrees at the North Rim (6am), 95 at Phantom (11am), 72 at Bright Angel (4pm). No rain, but some nice clouds during the middle of the day.
    Have a great trip and hike. Welcome (back) to Arizona!

  5. Hey, thanks so much sunshine!

    Have a great GC trip.

  6. Ya thanks a lot for bringing Juneau with you! It was 75 and gorgeous the whole week until this weekend! (kidding!)

    I am glad there are nice Robin's in Juneau. The only Robin I can think of here is the one that used to work at Freaky Dee's (on 21st and 7th). Do you remember he/she?

  7. Have a good vacation!

  8. From a fellow (year round, car free, serious winter weather) biker chick, Cliff Bar, Power Bar, etc... Mylar wrappers work wonders on those big puncture/rips. Also $$ bills but we have fewer of them these days to risk in a torn tire yes ? Seriously, you gotta learn to make those wee repairs ! Tough biker chick walking cuz of this ? Bliss out in the canyons :)

  9. oops ! forgot to mention ( it's fellow biker chick) Super Glue !!! We use it all the time in the bike shop, if the tear isn't too big you may be able to get more miles outta that tire.


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