Hectic day

Date: Feb. 2
Mileage: 22
February mileage: 22
Temperature: 36

The huge bulk of Monday was a flurry of voices and noise that will mostly be forgotten the minute I fall asleep (very soon now.)

But there was a moment before it all when I was still on my bike, and it was early, and I followed a sucker hole south until I emerged from drizzling rain into my own private spot of sunlight. I rode laps on the beach in its window, flickering light beneath a crush of clouds. The air was as calm as springtime, and as warm as a mountain peak on a summer day. Beside sparkling tide pools I saw my shadow on Groundhog Day, and that made all the difference.


  1. That's very peotic. A word painting of your day. :-)

  2. Simple pleasures...

  3. Not sure which I enjoy more, your writing or your photos.

  4. Anonymous12:30 PM

    After working 14 hours in an army hospital then driving 2 hours to my family's home in the Tanana valley your writing brings me peace.
    Peace that others struggle for a life style and not just an existance.

    Stay warm, stay dry.


  5. craigaroonie8:14 PM

    Jill, I like your photos - it is really nice to see you in your environment - and you are technically good at it.
    But your writing just blows me away.
    That post, so small and so excellent.
    It's a pity you want to train so much!!

  6. Holy gorgeous photo.

  7. Good photo I think your weather is better than ours Iowa -2 I don't think I would fair well in that much snow though.

  8. congrats on the press release


  9. I'm living it in my minds eye.
    very nice.


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