Thursday, April 02, 2009

Escaped for a couple hours

I oozed out of bed at 7:35 a.m. Cough, cough, coffee, coffee. I know it’s not early to some. It’s early to me.

Cranked up the hill at 8somethingish. Still early. Got a little overeager with the shifting. Snapped my chain clean off. Hopped off the bike, turned around. Power walked, jogged, ran toward the house. It was the first time I'd run at all in more than a month. The cold wind tasted like maple syrup. Toes ached a little. Time ticked onward.

Fixing a chain takes too long so I swapped out my bikes. Pugsley doesn't have a front fender because the front rack gets in the way. I changed into my plastic jacket i.e. "wearable tarp" and braced for the slush fest.

But new snow and sunlight ... nowhere in the warm spring world does a better combination exist.

On days like this, it's easy to become lost in the shadows and light. Sometimes I feel like I'm dissolving into a painting, where each movement becomes a brush stroke, dramatic and smooth, a rolling creation of flawless art. Creative cycling. That is what I do. And when time squeezes in, stretches back out, moves farther away from winter, it's what I'm left with. It's what I remember.

Ahhhhh ...

Spring face.


  1. I read yesterdays post and went and took a look at your toes. Not so bad really. I'm sure very painful. Last year I crushed the big toe on my right foot. Popped it just like a grape being stepped on. The tip of the bone broke off, the rest of the bone was cracked all over and I had to have seven stitches in the toe. It healed nicely and only hurts mildly sometimes when I run. But it is bigger than it was and my foot modeling days are over...hahaha. Yours looks as though they will heal with no residual scars. Isn't life fun !
    I too have pictures.

  2. Just many hours of daylight do you get this time of year?

  3. This is the type of post where you are at your best, Jill. Makes me want to pull out my copy of "Walden" and let myself out of my skin for a while.

  4. Yay you! A day like this is....well...a reward. Redemption.

    Go Jill!

  5. Never give up never surrender Jill.

  6. You need to carry one of those SRAM quick links for your chain, it'd take just a few seconds to replace a snapped chain link with one while you're riding.

    As far as Spring face goes, at least it's better than Summer Teeth...Summer there, some aren't. Or how about Winter Teeth ? above, and two below !.

  7. Your pics contain more shadows...


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