It was 46 degrees and raining when I left the house this morning. The air smelled like apple blossoms, fresh grass and dirt, but it felt like home. I started somewhere in southeastern Portland. Somewhere ... where, I didn't know. I didn't know that it mattered. I haven't been to Portland since the 90s and I've never had any talent for feeling my way through a city - map, directions or nothing at all. So I figured I'd ride blindly into the late-morning chaos and I'd have to end up somewhere ... where, I didn't know.

I wandered south for a while, picking my way through connecting bike routes and trying to stay cognizant of where I had been. Finding my way back in a strange place is always a big concern for me. It never comes naturally. About an hour passed just wandering the streets of the greater Portland area and figuring I'd never find my way out of strip mall suburbia. That's when I stumbled onto the Columbia Gorge Highway. A lucky find for sure. I was suddenly immersed in a deep canyon with light traffic and spring exploding everywhere.

Once the highway threatened to drop down to I-84, I veered off on an even smaller road ... Larch Mountain Road. The rolling hills along the Sandy River became a steady climb. Lots of logging roads intersected the pavement. I ventured out a couple of doubletrack roads, but they were severely muddy to the point of terminal tire suck. And, anyway, I was more interested in figuring out where this Larch Mountain Road went. I hoped it would be somewhere high.

I went up until the road became impassable at 3,500 feet. Oh yes, I did find snow.

I ended the ride with 84 miles and 4,700 feet of climbing. I guess I haven't really been keeping track of my recent mileage, and may not for a little while. It's been hard to quantify my rides since I left in Juneau because they've been so interspersed with travel and everything else that has been going on. I consider biking my down time, time to reflect and try to make some decisions. I forget that I'm still technically working out, and never really think about it, so I can honestly say that I'm not sure whether I've been feeling physically strong, normal, or weak. But it's been rewarding to travel so many new places on two wheels, especially when fate spits me out somewhere like this.


  1. I didn't know you were in town, but to think you were on the roads in Portland and riding about the same time I was warms my heart. Welcome to the Rose City, Jill. You brought us luck. The Blazers won tonight!


  2. That's pretty cool you managed to find snow....I wanna see you do the same trick if you ever visit Florida:-)

  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Blazers...? How 'bout dem Cavs! Lebron Rocks...rides too!

  4. Jill, I stop by every now and then to check out your blog. I thought your readers might be interested in a trip that my nephew, his wife and some other guys are on right now. They are deep in Tibet on a great ride across Asia and have a nice blog going...here is the link.
    Thanks, Barry.


  5. Lou S7:59 AM

    Heck of a ride Jill! Having lived in Portland for awhile I can imagine your smile once finding the Columbia Gorge Highway!

  6. From another portlander: I would say you did quite well following your nose. Good thing it wasn't sunny or something, we don't want to be misrepresented.

  7. I grew up in the Portland area (Boring, to be exact). My folks are still up there and when I get the chance to visit them (with the road bike in tow), I try to ride up Larch Mountain.

    If I get the time on my next visit I'll try to combine riding up Larch with some additional riding down along Hwy 84 and the waterfalls.

  8. Wow! The pictures are amazing!

  9. Hey, Jill, Welcome to Portland!! Glad to see that you found some of our nice eastside roads, and for the report that Larch Mountain still has a lot of snow on it.

    :) Stay safe out there! :)

  10. This is one of my favorite posts so far. It brings back memories of my trip to Oregon.

  11. Jill, I finally went on a meaningful bike ride. Thanks for the inspiration! I wrote about it if you are interested!

  12. As many before me said, "Welcome to Portland!" Now you know why so many of us live here. It is an outdoor paradise.

  13. I'm becoming increasingly convinced that you're incapable of taking a bad picture. :-) Sounds like an awesome trip so far...


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