Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roll south

This will be my last night in Juneau for a couple of months.

We board a ferry to Skagway tomorrow morning, and from there it's on to Whitehorse, then down the Cassier Highway to visit friends in Smithers, B.C., and Vancouver, then Seattle, Portland and San Fransisco. Geoff has a race on May 2, but we have just a little over a week to get there. I'm hoping the old Geo makes it.

I really don't have the words for how I feel about leaving Juneau at this time. Life moves faster than I do. Sometimes there's not much more to say. I'm excited but apprehensive, too. I've been having deep doubts about the Great Divide. Like maybe it's not the right place at the right time, this time, but this may be my best and last chance. Even everything after San Fransisco is looking a little hazy. But it will be an adventure. Life's always an adventure. Usually the biggest things happen when you least expect.

I expect to post as much as I can along the way. I'll likely cling to this blog as my window home; it has always been a great place to both dump thoughts at random and organize them into a sense of perspective. So don't worry about radio silence. :-)

Wish me luck.


  1. The Cassiar highway is a beautiful drive if you've never been down that way before. Hope the weather's nice for you guys.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a year now. I found it searching for winter biking information. I just wanted to let you know that you have been an ispiration to me to do more. I am riding more in the winter and in the snow. I live in PA so the winters are not that bad compared to Alaska. I am also going to try some ultra endurance riding this year.I will miss your pics from Alaska, I was stationed in Ancorage for 3 1/2 years back in the early 80's.I will be looking forward to reading about your new adventures ahead.


  3. Have a great trip...I have even been to some of those places and I am looking forward to reading about your escapades.....it is funny but I have found that blogging is like a real comfort zone, we can empathise with, share our adventures and our passions and even inspire others through this and I am sure you will continue to be an inspiration to so many people.

  4. Best wishes on the travel! Can't wait to hear all the stories from out in the desert and mountains.


  5. Mike In WI say's

    I am sure you will enjoy the excitement new experiences bring...

    Thanks for some of the best Landscape/biking photos which make life a little better.

    Mike In WI

  6. Jill ~ ~ ~

    Best of luck to you and Jeff. No doubt the good experiences will outweigh the bad. Just keep your wits about you and all will be well.

    Greatly looking forward to future posts, when ever they may be.

    inhale a deep breath
    leap off, into the blue void
    you are as a bird

  7. I hope you packed enough Diet Pepsi to get through the long stretches.

  8. Life's definitely an adventure. Best of luck! :)

  9. Good luck!! buona fortuna e un grosso in bocca al lupo!!!

  10. That sounds like a nice little ecape/adventure for a change of scenery. Have fun and good luck.

  11. Oh, you're off to new adventures! I'll be checking in often to hear your opinions of life in the Lower 48; hope all your adventures are good ones. Good luck and good times, Jill!

  12. Apprehension...check.
    Tunes for the drive...check.
    Opportunity for some awesome new experiences...check.

    Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

  13. Run! No, bike away!
    Never look back at Juneau
    Now the end to this chapter

  14. Desert heat. It sounds so good right now!

  15. The only thing to be aprehensive about is seeing so many beautiful sites and having so much fun in a matter of a few months that the rest of life will have a difficult time measuring up. Having followed your blog for a long time - I know that will never be the case - your life will never be boring. Just another experience for spiritual growth from flying by the seat of your pants. Best of luck to you both. Enjoy. Ride on!

  16. Hey Jill,

    Happy trails. If you want any tips on getting around/things to see in Portland, you can ping me over on my blog.


  17. When you hit SF give me a shout if you need anything! We live right in the thick of the city.

  18. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  19. Have a safe trip. You guys are living life the way it should be done.

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  21. Can't wait to see you amongst your many summer adventures!

  22. Have fun Jill and Geoff!!

    Fingers crossed for the Geo.

    Don't get acclimatised while you're away.
    Acclimatised? Declimatised? Unclimatised?
    Don't get too used to the warmth!

  23. Safe travels! Our Portland weather has been amazing this week and is suppose to continue!

  24. Jill and Geoff. Hope you know, wherever you go, we're with you.


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