Thursday, December 03, 2009

Buy my book?

It just occurred to me today that it's the first week of December. Only 22 more shopping days until Christmas! I wanted to take advantage of the holidays to order more copies of my book about the 2008 Iditarod Trail Invitational and market it again, but I never got around to it. I placed a big order today and I'm hoping I still have a chance.

To be honest, I could use the "author boost." I have been at work on a second book, a sequel to "Ghost Trails," if you will, about 2009. I feel satisfied with how it's going so far, but the going has been slow. I've been at work on it, on and off, since September, and I'm barely through Chapter 4. Still, I'm happy with the way detail and depth is progressing in my writing, but I'm having a harder time separating myself from the events and emotions I'm writing about, which is crucial. So I come to a hard place and I go away from it for a while, sometimes weeks, and find I always return with renewed perspective. What will happen when and if I finish this book, I'm not sure. Maybe another self-published blog marketing project, maybe the traditional publishing route, or maybe I'll put it in a drawer. We'll see.

Until then, if you like this blog and haven't read the book, now would be a good time to buy it. I wrote "Ghost Trails" about my adventure in the 2008 ITI (the year I didn't get frostbite and finished), as well as the different events in my life that brought me to the starting line. What I set out to communicate in "Ghost Trails" is that you don't have to be an amazing person to accomplish amazing, life-changing things. You just need determination, and childlike awe, and love. It's intended to be an inspirational story, about struggling and achieving joy amid tough physical and mental conditions. It's an adventure story about winter in Alaska.

And now ... it's on sale! I was able to get a good deal through my publisher and can sell it for $11.95, which is $4 off the list price. Shipping is $4.80 extra in the states and $10 internationally. Buying more than one does not increasing the cost of shipping, unless you buy more than three, in which shipping increases to $10 for orders of three to ten books. It would make a good Christmas gift for people who like cycling, adventure stories or Alaska. I should disclose that it does not contain any color pictures. There are a few black and white pictures for the purpose of illustration, but it is far from a photo book. It's a story. A good one, really. I've received a lot of positive feedback in the past year.

The first chapter of the book can be read at this link. If you're interested in purchasing a book and you live in Juneau, contact me directly. I won't charge any shipping and can personally deliver to anywhere in town. Because of lead time, this book will probably arrive fairly close to Christmas - as in after Dec. 20. Keep that in mind when ordering. I'm going to do everything I can to have it delivered by Dec. 25. If you would like me to send it directly to another address than the one you're ordering from, just indicate that in the notes.

Purchase a signed copy(ies) for $11.95 by clicking on the button below. Thanks for supporting this well-fed author. Happy holidays!


  1. A second book? YAY!!!

    Do a coffee table book with your photos and I bet you'd sell tons.

    I'm definitely a fan:-)

  2. Please, you can put an enthusiastic translator blog. I am a faithful follower of your adventures and do not speak English too well. This would give me things.

    Thanks from Spain.

  3. I agree with Donut Guy, make a coffee table book of your photos.

  4. Coffee table book would be awesome. Also, don't shelve the new book. I'd buy/read it even if you just photocopied handwritten pages.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Unabashed holiday commercialism! I am just kidding of course:)

    Donut Guy...The coffee table book is a great idea. I've made the same suggestion in the past. That would definitely sell. Also, what about a book about your Tour Divide adventure?

  6. A little commercial....I read your book last year (got it as a Christmas gift) and LOVED it! It is super spectacular...everyone should read it!

  7. Thanks so much for your support so far!

    I've considered the idea of a coffee table book. But photo books are prohibitively expensive to self-publish, and even harder to push through traditional publishers than nonfiction autobiographies. Maybe one of these days I may put one together and see where it goes. But I have a feeling photo book publishers are going to tell me, "You use WHAT kind of camera?" :-)

  8. Bought your book last year and loved it. I may have to get a couple of copies for gifts this year. Can't wait for the next one.

  9. I'm in awe of your humility, more so than I am of your writing ability. Perhaps you still have no idea what an inspiration you are to me and so many others. Because of where I live, I sometimes need an extra push and you provide that. The scenery here is lacking compared to New England where I used to cycle. If you haven't ridden there, do go some day. Keep up the good work!

  10. I bought and read your first book a couple of weeks ago through Lulu and enjoyed absolutely every word.

    You blog is great, and I'm very much looking forward to your second book. Good luck to you!

  11. Your blog inspired me to get off my butt and back on my bike and I'm easily old enough to be your father. If your blog writing can do that, then your book will probably have me trying out for the Olympics ;). Just placed my order and can't wait to read it.

    Best, Jim

  12. OK Jill...consider this my 'official' order for one SIGNED copy of your book. I will only accept it if 'Hand Delivered' to Banff, Canada in person by the author herself. I will gladly pay at that time! My offer to purchase is valid until the end of January, 2010.

    I will also 'pre-order' a copy of your second book...signed of course, and to be hand delivered by the author early August 2010! Same terms, payment on delivery!

    See ya!


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  14. Planning on ordering. Both. I always try to have the books signed, if able. Looking forward to the winter reading.

  15. Yes! Can't wait for the second book. Maybe i should tell all the people i loan mine to, to go and buy their own;) It is about time i get it back and re-read it. And a signed one for me as well please. Ever thought of narrating the book and doing a book on tape. I enjoyed all your phone-ins from the great divide race and thought that would be a great way to hear the story.

    thank you for being you!


  16. I ordered the first book right after you published it (and bought one for Christmas for my adventuresome 22-year-old niece) and it was a wonderful read. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Jill's writing here. You will not be disappointed. Gosh, you would think she was a professional or something (tee hee).

  17. What do those publishers know? It should be all about the images (yours are fabulous)and not the type of camera.

    What about a calendar? Probably not much money making going on there, but you just never know. I would buy one:)

  18. I BOUGHT YOUR BOOK AS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO MYSELF! I'M VERY EXCITED, WHICH IS WHY I'M YELLING! Kidding! I'm truly not unbalanced, but truly very excited!


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