Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It only took a month, but

I finally got all of my book orders out today. Thank you again to everyone who ordered one, and stuck with me after the frustrating Fed Ex delay. If you don't receive your book(s) in the next few days, please e-mail me because it should be on its way. Even with a handful of cancellations, I still nearly sold out of a fairly hefty order.

This whole Christmas book sale experiment, while frustrating, has actually given me quite a bit of a boost for my new project. After my small disaster in the 2009 ITI and break-up with Geoff, I had pretty much put "Ghost Trails" behind me. But a trickle of Amazon.com sales throughout the year and this recent surge puts my total sales over 1,100 — not bad for a self-published book promoted solely by the author on a single blog. Given that royalties for self-published books are pretty hefty, that number divided by the amount of time I put into that book is almost an income - almost. But it does give me confidence to work on a new project, because I honestly think this one is shaping up better than the first, and I figure the worst I can do is self-publish it and I'll still likely recoup my time. But I plan to spend a little more time on the finished product this time around and hopefully find a commercial publisher.

Today I did a tempo road ride (on the Karate Monkey with studded tires) out to mile 33, about 46 miles round trip. The weather was gorgeous and I almost felt guilty "wasting" it on a road ride. But I just felt like putting in some steady, hard miles. I still train entirely on feel (moreso now than before because I don't even have a working odometer anymore), but I tried to keep my heart rate just below anaerobic, in that 75 to 80 percent range (though, of course, I'm just guessing on that front. I still avoid heart rate monitors or any other kind of technological measure of fitness because I'm now convinced more than ever that the kind of training I like to do, for the kind of events I like to train for, is all in my mind, anyway.) So my level of exertion today was just below "ouch" but still above the level that allows for any deep thought (beyond "Dang, I really overdressed today" and "Ice is pretty.") It felt really good to get out and push hard, possibly the first time I've made a solid effort to do so in months.

I really want to train again - good, focused training, and I think I'm nearly ready to start. I hope I'm ready. And yet, my head remains in the clouds, my heart in the mountains.

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NOTE: I sold out of my current batch but have another on the way. I contacted the company and they should be sending it USPS, so I expect it in a week or so, accounting for publishing time. If you would like to order a book and have not yet done so, turnover time will be about 10-12 days.


  1. Need new book, new book, new book! Yeah! Ok, consider your first copy sold :-)

    Maybe you could offer two versions...one with pictures in hardcover for us diehards, another an online version/text only or with pics too?

    Would anyone else shell out for a nice hardcover?

  2. I bought your electronic and kindle versions, can you try to make sure you'll have a kindle version for the new one?

  3. Hi Jill-
    I'd like to buy a signed copy but I'm not thrilled about sharing info with Paypal. Do you have an alternative?

  4. It's funny that your desire to get back to training is returning at the same time as mine. All the fun little post-Divide adventures over the past five months have been fantastic, but it's time to get back to chasing some endurance goals! Enjoy :-D

  5. "Buy Now", Think I will thanks! Since having kids and settling in a bit I must live vicariously through others to get my endurance on. Thanks for the words, pictures, and soul. You are an inspiration.

  6. Hey, I bought Ghost Trails for a friend, and just received it on Saturday. Well of course I had to read it first. Great book, really enjoyable! I stayed up way too late to read it. Super job!


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