Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mmmm ... frosty

Date: Jan. 4
Mileage: 20.6
January mileage: 57.0
Temperature upon departure: 26

Today's ride was sponsored by Heather in Ohio, who sent a wonderful note that arrived by mail at my office today. (My co-worker, as she handed me the addressed envelope, said "What's 'The Cement Box?'") Heather recommended that I "go get some granola bars and goo and get after it." So today, I tried that (without the granola bars and goo ... but now I can go get some). Thank you!

I was sitting in the Cement Box around 2 p.m. today, staring at my computer screen and probably looking a bit distracted, when my boss said "It's a nice day. I'm going to go on I photo safari."

Me: "Mmm Hmmm." (You see, I call it the Cement Box because there no windows in my office.)

Boss: "It looks like a good day for a bike ride, too."

I just smiled. She knows me too well already. But her statement did coax me to the front desk, where I confirmed that it was, indeed, a very nice day. So I punched out early and took advantage of the blazing sunlight to attempt a longer trail ride. I dropped off Diamond Ridge and looped around the forest that parallels the Sterling Highway. The quick elevation changes give me a full smorgasboard of trail conditions: punchy, moose-tracked snow; packed powder; hoarfrost-covered grass; glare ice; gut-busting climbs and cheek-rattling descents. In short, my own little Susitna. Progress was fun but slow. I was a bit disappointed to return from my ride nearly three hours after I left - with most of my clothing layers tied in various states of removal around my body and coated in frosty sweat - and realize I had only covered 20 miles of ground. But I felt good today. Strong. I'm getting better - I really am. Wow. This whole training business really works.


  1. Wow, I wish my boss would tell me to go ride my bike on nice days! Stupid non-flexible office jobs....

  2. Man, that's some fantastic scenery. I'm sure all that beauty helps offset the cold quite a bit.

    Good luck with the training. Sounds like you have a very sympathetic boss...

  3. My boss is taking our group snow skiing next week :-)

  4. A quick personal note on the topic of counting training miles - it can be counterproductive and a bit misleading. Instead of counting miles on the bike, count training hours. Quality and quantity is important. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in "how many miles did I do last month", that we lose sight of the most important part of it all: number of quality training hours.

    Just an observation.


  5. No shame, Jill. You know if you'd put in the same effort in Idaho during the summer you'd have had a half century. That's got to be reassuring.

  6. Jill, as always, beautiful photos!
    BTW, I'm Heather from Ohio. Glad you got
    my donation towards goodies for your crazy snow encrusted, nightime, sub zero ride!



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