Friday, January 20, 2006

Still no pictures

Date: Jan. 20
Mileage: 26.9
January mileage: 301.1
Temperature upon departure: 15

I don't have much time to post tonight because my computer is still choking on me, and I am in the midst of packing for my big full-day bike excursion tomorrow. Weather forcast is for temperatures in the teens and a chance of heavy snow. I can't really tell whether I'm excited or not, but at least I'm not dreading it. Wish me luck. Pray for *no* snow :-)


  1. Hi there! I also pray for no more snow in my country (Poland) so i totally understand you! Alaska is one of my favourite places on earth although I have never been there. (not yet). I came across your blog while "googling' inresting stuff about the state you live in and I liked it a lot. Bye!

  2. Good luck out there, can't wait to hear how everything went today.


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