Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slightly stuck

My first day as one person working two jobs did not go entirely badly. In fact ... it wasn't a whole lot different, if only because Monday is such a long slog even when I'm just one employee. So I can't really fit in much else. Augustine Volcano has spit out enough ash that advisories have now been issued for most of southcentral Alaska. However, we haven't seen any evidence of ashfall in Homer yet. I came home and put in 90 minutes on the bike trainer. I was feeling pretty good about the minor successes of the day, so I cooked up some shrimp tacos and waited for Geoff to get back from his run. And waited. And waited.

He finally came in at about 8:45, coated in frost and grinning. He had held off running all day as he waited for the ash to come. Finally, at about 5 p.m., he got sick of waiting and took off for what he planned to be his longest training run before the Little Su 50K ... while it was 8 degrees outside ... and with the continuing threat of ash fall. And he ran 27 miles. Twenty seven miles! The first thing he asked was whether or not I went biking outside today. "To bad," he said. "You probably could have had 500 miles in January."

Holy cow! Is it already Jan. 30? I am a wimp. I didn't even realize it.


  1. 27 miles?

    Holy cow, that's a marathon.

    With snow:-)

  2. You've got tomorrow yet, it's only another 39 odd miles!::GRIN::

  3. Does it count if it's on a road? 39 is nothin' if you don't have those three feet of snow and ice to deal with.....

    I wouldn't run 27 miles if I was paid to. 10 kind of makes me want to die. But I admire it. Way to go, Geoff.

  4. Wimp... I don't think so. Keep up the good work.



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