Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Date: Jan. 10
Mileage: 21.4
January mileage: 150.8
Temperature upon departure: 27

Today's ride was sponsored by Mellan. The hilly ride to the top of Skyline went faster than usual (got my 21 miles in about an hour and 45 minutes) - probably because the trail snow is pretty hard packed now. And where gravel roads have been scraped, a smooth layer of black ice is now almost entirely exposed (I love the riding but dread the trucks.) I topped out my speedometer at 36 mph coasting down that stuff. My slowest speed was 4.8 ... climbing what I'm convinced is a 60 percent grade (OK ... it's more like 14). But that ride is mostly a well-worn route for me by now, and I felt pretty good about pushing it just a little bit harder today. A great way to sweat off the Tuesday deadline-frenzy blues.

Later this evening, Geoff and I went to check out the weight room at the high school. It was classically ghetto - I half expected to see leather medicine balls and one of those vibrating strap machines. The funniest thing about the high school weight room is that, in the midst of circa-1970s leg presses and barbells with the weight readings worn clean off, there's a three-story, state-of-the-art indoor climbing wall. People in brand new climbing shoes and harnesses scurried up it as Geoff and I tried not to get crushed by the medieval weight machines. A Rex-Kwon-Do type was repeatedly death gripping some skinny kid with a white belt as Metallica blasted on a boom box in the corner. All in all, it was an interesting slice of local flavor, but I think I'll stick to the gym at the physical therapy clinic. I may have to deal with occasional fitness advice from Mr. Obvious But Oblivious, but at least the PT gym doesn't have that moldy aroma of rubber mats aged in decades-old sweat.


  1. your blog catapulted into my 'top 5 favorite things on the web' category the instant i discovered it yesterday. you're living many people's dream, including mine. you're a talented writer, and your pictures are equally swell. i'm looking forward to following along over the coming months/years.

  2. Great picture! :) Looks like you've got great wildlife up there.


  3. I used to own one of those vibrating strap machines in college! Somebody put it out on the curb, so we took it home and plugged it in and it worked. We would put people in it at parties. I still hold the all time endurance record for it, because the strap broke when the next guy tried to top the record.

  4. Are you sure you're not in Eagle River. The Skyline Dr up there is pretty steep too. I started climbing it on a WalMart special once until the derailleur shifted right into the spokes.
    Love the moose, by the way. Don't get killed by any primitive weight-lifting equipment.

  5. Great pics, Jill! I gotta say, I still love AK!

  6. "Rex Kwan Do" HAHAHA! Vote for Pedro!


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