Friday, February 24, 2006

Big dreams

Today I received a prize in the mail - a stainless steel mug that reads "Susitna 100 finisher" on it. Everyone who posted finishing times in the race wins the same. Since I've already plowed through all the Pepsi and Goldfish within chowing range, I thought I'd improvise on Kevin's request and make a self portrait of myself having my evening herbal in my "major award." Sorry, Kevin ... I can't sign it because I don't own any photo editing software. Plus, that's just an identity theft waiting to happen.

I look forward to putting this mug to good use this weekend when I kick back to watch the check-in times on the Iditarod Trail Invitational. This race makes the Susitna 100 look like a few turns down the Bunny Slope. I'd like to try it next year. I really mean that. With a little bike investment, a little more practice and a lot of workouts, it's not totally incomprehensible. By 2007, Geoff will be ready to take on the 350 miles to McGrath on foot anyway, so I sure as Susitna should be able to do it on a bike. Unless the trail conditions are bad ... how long is 350 miles at 2.5 mph?

As for this weekend, I'll be cheering on local rider Adam Bartlett, Alaska Magazine columnist Ned Rozell on skis, and my boy from back home - Eric Johnson of Utah on foot. In the long race, I'm watching out for Kathi Merchant of Chickaloon. She's a woman. She's Alaskan. And she's riding her bike to Nome. I am in awe.

I forgot to link this before, but I answered "20 questions" for Daniel of St. Louis. Daniel was kind. They're mostly softballs. But as for the Iditarod Invitational, which begins Saturday, I encourage all to join me, Tim, Old Bag and everyone else who has committed to kicking back with rich food, a warm hearth, and good vibes for those who are still out there, suffering toward wisps of glory in the endless snow.


  1. You're gonna have some pretty good stories to tell your grandkids someday:-)

  2. Oh, so that is what the Iditasport Exteme is called now. I know 2 guys that have finished it and every once and a while I think about doing it for a second. Maybe after I finish the Race Across America I'll need another challenge.

    By the way I think you should do the Fireweed 400. I don't think it would be any harder than the Susitna 100. The 200 would be too easy for you! I don't know if they've fixed the course profile or not. When I did it 2003 it wasn't even close and didn't have nearly as much climbing as they said. I have the profile download from my CM414 on my website.

  3. Wow! Your profile pic doesn't do you justice, great package, tough AND good looking!::GRIN:: I think I agree with Ultrarob! You need a tough race to challenge you!

  4. Herbal is good, but I still say we need to switch you to Coke from Pepsi. (Unless of course, Pepsi agrees to buy you a Fat tire bike for your NEXT excursion)!

    So now we need to come up with a years supply of goldfish for the bikergal. Have to check that out at Costco on our next TP supply run:)

    350 miles? Good grief Jill, I can't even fathom!


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