Saturday, February 04, 2006


Date: Feb. 3
Mileage: 32.4
February mileage: 45.7
Temperature on departure: 7

I took the "long way" to work today (if overshooting the distance by 27 miles counts as long). It was a beautiful morning - sun came out just after 9 a.m., stayed out for the first time in days and cut through the lingering cold snap that's on the cusp of snapping out of it. I was riding fast in hopes of putting in the full loop before noon. When I arrived at the cement box I had a stack of work and no snacks, so I ate a big piece of cheesecake for lunch (if there's one thing an office is always good for, it's copious amounts of free sugar.) The whole rest of the day I felt blah. I'm guessing cheesecake is not the best food for training.

So by that logic, the Subway sandwich, bag o' popcorn and diet Sprite for dinner was probably also not the best way to go. Oh well. It is Friday. I'm gearing up for a long ride tomorrow. It's supposed to be windy. That makes me feel blah, too.


  1. How can you eat like that? I'm not admonishing you...I'm just jealous!

    Another lovely picture. I'll be thinking of you as you ride since I've determined I'll get out in my balmy 50 degree weather...It'll make me think, "Well, at least Jill is colder."

  2. Great pic. I still am amazed at your mileage in those temps. Keep rockin' that ride and keep sharing those great pics.

  3. That's an awesome shot. Have you tried shooting through your polarized sunglasses?


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