Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finally caught one

Date: May 20
Mileage: 16.2
May mileage: 711.9
Temperature: 58


  1. Wow Jill! That is one fine looking fish. How much did it weigh? That thing is huge.

  2. He's beautiful. And he died for a great cause. (US... cynical laugh ensues). I'm always a little sad when I pull them in. But I hum and whistle as the canner gets going. Hypocracy sucks. But it gets us through the winter. Congrats.
    And I don't comment enough, but you inspire me to do 20 miles a day and that's all I can fit in. So if you wonder why you bike so much and so're trying to make up for the rest of us.
    Cynthia in the Valley
    Ps. Don't let idiots hijack your writing.

  3. Way to go Jill! I knew you would hook one sooner or later. Dinner looks great too. I certainly beats goldfish crackers and diet Pepsi. Enjoy the bounty.

    Nigity - "Always keep a smile in your heart."

  4. Wow! That is *some* fish.

    About the folks that leave less than nice comments....go to haloscan.con and put their code into your blog template.

    If someone makes an ass out of can block their IP address or a range of addresses.

  5. Once again my editing and typing skills are severely lacking. Good thing I don't work for a small newspaper in Juneau, Alaska.
    Or maybe I need to cease from leaving comments at 4:40 A.M. in the morning before having my java.


  6. Yum!!! Yet ANOTHER Juneau Alaska perk ... eating fish so damn fresh that it's still moving : )

    Enjoy the good eats Jill, and also, enjoy a break from blogging if you so desire. Everyones brain needs a holiday from time to time so let things air out and enjoy some much deserved quiet time.

  7. Wow! It must have been really tough bringing that one in.
    Great blog. I've been reading regularly, the pictures and writing definitely spark a nerve for checking out Alaska...and more riding.

  8. Excellent, now that is truly fresh fish! And a whopper of one!

  9. I caught a fish and it was this big!
    What a whopper!

  10. Diet Pepsi pairs well with any meal, I always say.


  11. Hey Jill,

    I'm with the peanut gallery on your photos, they're great!

    I wonder if you've played with the "photo stitch" feature of the software that came with your camera? At least I assume it comes with the OLYMPUS Software. I just recently started taking some multiple shots to make one panorama and can't believe how easy it is to "stitch" them together with the software that came with my Canon SureShot. Back in the day, I loved my wide angle lense but now all I have is this little point and shoot digital. The photo stitch software enables me to capture big landscapes again – like you’ve got out there!

    A few things I've learned on combining multiple shots into one:
    - Turning the camera vertical makes for a more traditional proportioned picture. Otherwise, it can be a wide and squatty combined outcome.
    - A handful of shots work better than trying to get a whole 360 view. It would take a large scale printer and the side of a barn to really appreciate the series I took last weekend from the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

    I hope this didn’t sound like a lecture from an anon. :-)

  12. Hells bells, that fish is as big as you ! Great pic as you look like a kid on her first fishing trip...excellent

  13. ooo that's a huge fish! congrats.

  14. Hi Jill, great catch and yummy looking dinner! :-)

    I hope I didn't contribute to your frustration at anonymous lectures with my comment several posts ago about unanounced drafting. I realized after I posted I could've made it a little more light-hearted and less lecture like.

    Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your break and your rides!

  15. Wow great looking fish and even better looking dinner! Can you send me some?

  16. Congrats! Looks like you had fun and a tasty dinner.

  17. That fish looks like something mounted in the prehistoric area of a natural history museum. Nice work!

  18. Hope I was a defender and not an offender. I hate to be a suck butt but, you are a fine weaver of words. I'll miss them on your break. If you want to read some annoying but ultimately really funny stuff with regard to an anonymous commenter, peruse "Marshmallow Fluff and a Shot of Jack" on my Tuesday Grimpeur blog. You have to read the comments on the post before it too for the full effect. Just ask Bluecolnago. A warning, it becomes Hunter S. Thompsonesque and there is a lot of profanity, but it is just for that post.
    As long as we're asking for links--please; oh, please!

  19. I am embarrassed to say, as an Alaskan who supposedly knows this stuff, that I do not know what kind of salmon that is. Is it a silver? Good for you for catching it. I have never caught a salmon when I haven't been on a charter tour (another embarrassing Alaska moment).

  20. Nice! That is one tasty looking salmon steak.

  21. I'll second the request for the weight of that little guy!!!

    Yum Yum!!!

  22. that salmon is really nice... 38 pounds? I bet it was tough holding up for the pick. And the size of that steak, awesome!

  23. Hey Jill...
    I wanted to let you know that you do indeed inspire. I tell lots of people about your blog. (But then I can barely talk to you the fewtimes I've seen you because it's funny to have read such personal writing of yours but still be on a just-getting-to-know-you basis.)
    I was running along Thane Road on Sunday and saw a bike track in the gravel on the side of the road and I thought "I wonder if Jill was riding out here?"
    Anyway, just wanted to say both you and Geoff are inspriing me as I train for my first marathon.
    I hope you start writing again when you have refreshed.
    Nice fish.
    -Deb (from Starr Hill)
    Let me know if you ever want company hiking this summer. I'll be headed up all these peaks, too!

  24. Holy mother of mary thats a whopper

  25. Nice fish-- what is that, 25-ish pounds?

    Going for halibut this weekend out of Homer. Hopefully I'll get the same kinda luck.

  26. Life in Southeast is surely sweet...saltwater Kings! Interiorites stand river side for hours, net in had, to try to catch Kings that have been falling apart in freshwater for days! And don't you get to put out crab pots too? King Salmon + King Crab=The Sweet Life! I need to move to the rocky coast. Hard to make a living there, though.

  27. Great pictures, but I need word nourishment.

  28. What's this, all pictures and no words ?.

    Jill's Blog Version 2.0- The Marcel Marceau Edition ?.


  30. Yesterday I went on my first bike ride for many years. I just rode to the glacier visitor center and then the to the waterfall and back home. About 5 miles round trip, and I was really really slow, with lots of real bikers zooming past me, but I did it! And you and your blog were totally my insperation! Thanks!
    :o) Elizabeth

  31. Well, Snakebite definitely has his opinions and to some extent I must agree. I wanted to comment on the Pepsi also, but to each his own. Personally I would prefer a nice glass of vino. Of course being of Italian & French descent probably has something to do with that.
    You're really not a dork ;)


  32. That's a king salmon. I'm not sure how much it weighed. It wasn't quite derby material, so we didn't take it to the weigh-in. Maybe mid-20s? It was tough to reel in - I definitely need to work on building my forearm muscles. Brian helped a lot with guideance and steering the boat. I almost lost it when it swam around the bow and I don't think he would have ever forgiven me. He's a Tlingit salmon slayer with generations of Southeast Alaska fishing experience behind him, and I'm a clueless formerly landlocked Utahn. But we do what we can.

    Cyn ... thanks. 20 miles a day is a lot! Nice work!

    Deb ... I'd love to have a hiking partner this summer! Always tough to work my schedule around others', but I generally have mornings free, and you can't beat a quick trip up Mount Juneau or Jumbo on a sunny day. Contact me at so we can exchange phone numbers. And congrats on the marathon plans.

    And congrats to you, too, Elizabeth. I head to the glacier all the time. Hope to see you out there.

    Also, I don't claim to have a refined palette, but if you ask me, Diet Pepsi is the nectar of the gods. And in my defense - it was 11:30 a.m., I was leaving for work in an hour, and I had about 20 minutes to prepare that lunch. But, man oh man, fresh king salmon needs no expert touch. Mmmmmm.

    And, on the radio silence ... everyone needs a break once in a while, even from their hobbies. I guess this comment has been as long as an original post would have been. But I will be back very soon.

  33. why would you take such a majestic fish from the water? You don't need it, its just your self absorption and desire to write about fish. when you spread, the fish odor will be more than enough.


  34. I should let you know, Rod, that most women find the practice of using sex to insult them more tiresome than degrading. Similar to being called a "stupid poopy head" by a 4-year-old. If you'd really like to insult me, you could spend just a couple of minutes persuing my blog to pick out my real weaknesses.

  35. They have asparagus in Alaska?! That looks awesome ...


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