Thursday, May 22, 2008


Date: May 21
Mileage: 31.3
May mileage: 743.2
Temperature: 49


  1. Jill--

    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now. It's one of my favorites and I come back to it again and again. Your writing is great and so are your photos. Even so, I don't always read all the comments, so when I went back and read a few from Tuesday, I had to go back to your earlier post and find out what your detractors had written. Mostly I was shocked that anyone would have anything negative to write about you.

    Those of us who read your blog probably have to resist feeling like we know you since we really don't. Your writing pulls us into your world effectively. However, I realize I don't know you well enough to judge what your reaction to some of the comments from the needs post would be, if any, but I hope none of them bothered you. None of the people who read this blog (with the exception of those who you really do know in real life) actually know you enough to diagnose you or pass judgment on how you live your life.

    I think you and Geoff are both great adventurers in your own way. I also think it is admirable that you can pursue separate adventures and each be okay with that.

    I could go on for a while longer but this comment is already way too long. Just know that there are readers out there who enjoy your blog without passing judgment on the way you live your life and we will keep coming back.

    I'm looking forward to when you start writing again, but also really enjoying the photo posts in the interim.

  2. I'll second what Andrea said:-)

    Thanks for letting us into a tiny sliver of your life.

    My wife and I really enjoy your words and pictures. We both think you need to write a book about your adventures in Alaska with *lots* of your photography- it would make an awesome coffee table book...just sayin.

    I have a question about your photography....when you have pics like the one in your current post with you riding toward the camera, how do you time the shots?

    Most cameras only have something like a 10 second timer, just curious how you set the timer, run back to your bike, get on it and look totally relaxed.

    It's kinda cool, however you manage it:-)

  3. I'm really enjoying your photos, even if you aren't writing at the moment. They give us such wonderful Alaska views. Enjoy the rest.

  4. Donut guy, Jill is really fast!
    That's the only way I can figure it. Unless she has some kind of remote which many cameras have, but I'm not sure the Olympus Stylus can accommodate one.

    Jill, I miss your narratives. Don't let the ignorance of others shut you down. Photos are always phenomenal :)


  5. I'm trying to figure out how she takes these pictures of herself too. Mini tripod and a long 20-30 second self timer ?.

  6. I love this blog too and agree with Andrea. And please trust me - I'm not that stupid anon - (I'm just too lazy to write a blog of my own! :p ). I'm an avid hiker and I usually get snotty comments from people that "she's some sort of hippie, she thinks she's gonna save the world". Screw them! Maybe I will save the world one day, maybe I wont. But theres one thing I'm not going to be doing and thats putting other people down!

    Keep trukin! (Or Peddlin!) We love it!

  7. Love your work and check it everyday. As the photos are outstanding and the writing is epic. Your journeys are well worth keeping an eye on for us old Midwesterners. And I'm just to lazy to remember another pass word for another account. Keep up the fantastic work and to heck with those Anonologist analizers. What do they know anyway. Can't wait for the longer posts to return.

    Lazy Lowryder (bent trike)

  8. Jill, Ditto to Andrea's comment. Both my husband and I are thoroughly impressed with your adventuresome, energetic spirit. We both really enjoy reading your blog and viewing the photos.

    I had read one of anon's comments but had to go back to the weekend (Needs)to gain an appreciation for how much lecturing had gone on, it all became very clear as to why you are taking a break. I too am enjoying the photos but do miss your writing.

    Simply put you've opened my eyes up to winter biking. I became unemployed in January because of the downturn in the forest industry in northern BC and started to do alot of biking during the winter months. I am now hooked on winter riding, thank-you for the introduction and sharing your adventures. Over time I realized I was becoming known as that 'crazy woman who rides everywhere', but hey what does one expect in a small northern town filled with 3/4 ton diesel beasts that are so fondly regarded. You have also interated lifestyle choices which have been supported by other readers and are similar to my own....all of that has made me feel apart of a 'live with less' community I wasn't aware of.

    On the note of summer riding though, wow the area is really greening up. Mackenzie isn't nearly as far along but the trails are now open for the most part and there seems to be an eager group of mountain bike riders coming out of the woodwork this year compared to past years.

    All in all take care, have fun, and keep doing what you are doing because it looks like it works for you!


  9. Don't let the naysayers get you down, Jill. While being apart is a tough deal (especially for several months) I'm glad to see you're cheering Geoff on. When life gets more complicated stuff like the GDR and Idiabike are going to be next to impossible to pull off. The sacrifice now is worth it.

    While I've never regretted having a family, it sure complicates my dreams of an epic ride. My balance from work often comes in the form of 3 - almost 4 - kids. I want to spend 3 hours training, but can't really.

    Good on you for finishing the Idiabike. Good on Geoff for prepping for the GDR. You've both undoubtedly Carpe'd the Diem.

    Don't let the anonymous suckers get you down.

    Turn off anonymous comments and Post like the Wind!!!

  10. Some good mileage in the green. Keep it up

  11. Wow - I read your blog regularly and truly thank you for taking all along for the ride. Had no idea that there was an issue with other readers as I usually do not take the time to view comments - apparently that is not a bad thing.

    The fact that someone needs to comment on your pursuits in a negative way and then hide behind the cloak anonymity speaks volumes of the person. I am pretty sure you can block anonymous comments.

    You are young and very motivated. Like the rest of us you are forging your path through life the best you know how - there is no rule book. Ignore the negative energy from "anonymous" - I have a feeling he/she/it has their own demons they are trying to evade. Keep doing what you do - the way you want to do it and no matter the outcome it will leave a positive imprint.

    Amazing fish by the way - patience once again is your friend.

  12. Jill - I also read your blog daily. I'd also like to say, don't let the stupid anon people get you down. While I can't say I don't judge you, I can say that everything about how I judge you is positive. While I certainly don't know you, I think of you as a person who acheives great things and lives a quietly powerful life. I'm constantly impressed by the eloquence of your writing, your mental toughness in tackling extreme sporting event, your physical endurance in acheiving the amazing result you acheive, and your ability to live a life you can be proud of. I hope you can continue to be true to yourself and ignore the naysayers. If taking a break from blogging is what you need right now or even permanently, alright. But, it does make me sad.

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  14. yay, i agree with everyone who's posted here too! i also read this blog every day, i also really really love it, i also feel inspired by your passion and persistence. i went through the same process andrea did, of feeling really offended on your behalf at the judgmental commenter who cowardly posts anonymously, and then realizing that i've never actually met you, so of course i couldn't know how you actually felt about it... anyway, i would just like to join all other voices in enthusiastic support and thanks for your blog!

  15. Jill -

    I read your blog everyday and enjoy you taking us along for the ride and adventures. Please keep up the great writing and photos. Don't let the negative Nancy’s get you down.



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