Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time to go grocery shopping

Date: May 28
Mileage: 31.2
May mileage: 1,021.5
Temperature: 64

My quads are killing me. Yes, they're sore from snowshoeing yesterday. Well, not really sore from snowshoeing - more like sore from that flailing, loping run thing I did most of the five miles down the mountain because I was running late for work. It's strange, because the muscles all but throb when I'm just sitting at my desk, but they feel OK when I'm pedaling. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in a long ride tomorrow after all.

I sent Geoff a package today with his mail and various bike parts. Because it was one of those USPS flat rate boxes, I started looking for other things to fill the empty space. I added a pair of bike socks and a few New Yorker magazines that I already read. I thought about sending him some bike food, but I don't have any left in my own stash. I rifled deeper in the cupboards and rediscovered my box of Iditarod food. This is the food I actually dragged, stuffed as it was in a frame bag, for many grueling miles during the February race. Some of it went the entire distance. Actually, a lot of it did - because I didn't really eat much of anything during the actual event. Then the food came home with me - crushed, mangled, deep frozen and defrosted. I couldn't bear the thought of eating it, ever, or even looking at it again, really. But it was food, technically edible food, and I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. So today I sent it to Geoff. I'm not sure what he will think when he opens his package to find three-month-old baggies of mixed nuts and crushed-to-crumbs Trio bars. I do know that as the post office worker whisked the package away, I felt a tinge of sentimental attachment that I harbor for just about everything associated with that race. Even my gross old food.

After I sent the package, I realized the barely salvageable Iditarod stash was my only real option for having any food for a bike ride tomorrow. My fridge contains exactly three cartons of yogurt, half a loaf of bread, a jar of jam and a bunch of condiments that are probably expired and belong to my roommate anyway. Geoff used to do most (all) of the grocery shopping and I think Shannon and I are going through withdrawals. Literal food withdrawals. I cobbled together some frozen vegetables and chicken for lunch today, but that's not going to pack well on a bike ride. I may have to make a bunch of jam sandwiches. Life is harder without Geoff. In more ways than one.


  1. Beautiful photo! Taken on the way to he grocery store??? Nothing like that here.

    Single life can be tough! Hope you treat yourself to some good food at the grocery store.

    I'm interested in your average grocery bill. Prices have really gone up and I'm sure it's even more the case in Juneau. I just paid $104 and came home with very little. That didn't even include the Lake Superior Special Ale.

  2. And they gave Geoff all that guff. The guy is the glue!

    I think I caught something from you-one of your malicious anon's from last week. What is up with these people?

  3. way to make 1000 miles for the month!

  4. I love the picture of the waterfall, thats just amazing. You should publish the photos - you'd probably be rich!

    I love your blog! My casual mountain biking is nothing compared to what you do, but I'm looking forward to my ride today with a bit more enthusiasm - its a great excuse to use my new digital camera too :)

  5. Woohoo for one thousand miles this month!!! And for care packages full of oddities :)

    I have never understood why, a Clif Bar can go into a pack at the beginning of a ride perfectly fine, but somehow, if it comes back out of the pack not eaten, there's something forever off about it... and that's just on short rides, I can't imagine what happens after 300+ miles :)

  6. Added you to my Technorati Favorite. Wonderful Photos.

  7. I too was searching for Alaskan photos and certainly came to the right place. I live in France .. Alaska is such a dream!

  8. Hey, Jill, you aren't really living single til you eat cold cereal for every meal! Great blogging! Julie

  9. No, living the real single life means Ramen noodles, Mac & cheese, beans right out of the can, and last night's leftover cold pizza for breakfast.

  10. Finally!!!!
    When Geoff left? Nothing!!
    At last you're openning up about missing him. Only a little bit, but it's a start.
    Pour your heart out kid!!

    Nice photos. 1000 mile month - Woo!

    Now tell us some more about how you miss Geoff.

  11. Lil' bit o' Fleetwood Mac.....

    "Where are you darlin, when my
    Moon is risin, and your
    Sun is shinin down

    What are you doin, are you
    Missin me
    The way that Im missin you now

    The river goes on and on, and the
    Sea that divides us is a
    Temporary one, and the
    Bridge will bring us back together"


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