Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In Canada

We just crossed the border into Alberta after spending the night in Great Falls. The weather has been cool and cloudy with lows in the 30s and the snow line low on the mountains. Currently, we're out of sight from the peaks. The rolling prairie reminds me of the simple joys of life on the bike. I'm starting to feel much more excited about the prospect. I love the paradox of fast touring. Life is never so simple and at the same time never so hard as life on a bike. To me, it's the ultimate way to live ... Moving in the open through open space, breathing clear air, drinking fresh water, consuming all the beauty and joy and pain that a body can possibly absorb, through the filter of fatigue that so effectively removes all the white noise and gray emotions of that other kind of life, real life.

And then there's the race. I'm getting more excited about that, too. There's a post in my sidebar under the heading "Some of my better posts" called "Dear Canada, Fear me." I wrote it a year ago, but it remains relevant. :-)

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  1. I'm excited to hear more of your Great Divide Adventure. Glad you getting excited about it.

  2. Love your "paradox of fast touring" quote. I could have not said it better;)

    Good luck on the Tour Divide...

  3. Enjoy Canada! I love the wonderfulness of all the rolling mountains and oh all those dear!

  4. Yay Canada... gotta love it

    "Plus, I am an American and we all have a bone to pick with you Canadians."


  5. Very poetic and succinctly captures what touring is (for me also). Whilst in no way comparable to your adventure, I'll be off on the bike in the wilds of Scotland and its islands next week. I'll think of you in your remote bivvies whilst we're tucked up in our B&Bs. Enjoy and hope it goes well.


  6. I am unbelievably jealous of you. All the beautiful places you see, I love Canada and it's beautiful nature and cold chilly weather. It's just so quiet and relaxing. Good luck on your travels, will be watching your blog...

    Take care, Lorne

  7. Welcome and enjoy the ride, i used to bike a lot when I was younger, no i just go round Ontario (lake, not province :) time from time...


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