Saturday, June 13, 2009

In sparwood

Arrived in sparwood at about 10 am after a great first day and a nice long rest in elkford. i'm feeling super strong so far. I'm still going to take it easy for a few more days. Headed out for the reroute 100 miles of strange trail with no services and only a cue sheet to follow. I'm a little nervous about this section, and will be happy to cross the border.

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  1. Grest to see that you are on your way.

  2. Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'!
    Keep them dawgies rollin'!!

  3. Looks interesting will follow your progress always hankered after the great divide trail walking or running.

  4. Mike In WI say's

    I am proud of you Jill!

    Following you're progress like a puppy dog...I think it's time to pick up the pace by about 1.5mph average speed if you can unless safety is an issue. The important thing about the Divide is to finish and have a good time doing it.

    With you all the way!

  5. Hope you got a cheesy picture sitting inside the wheel of the giant dump truck!

    Enjoy the ride...

  6. I'm on needles and pines waiting for the next post. This is much more exciting than the lame NBA finals.

    Chin up Homer!


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