Monday, June 08, 2009

Testing remote blogging

I'm currently traveling up i-25, just north of Casper, Wyo. I had a fun visit in Denver. My aunt mapped me out a scenic bike ride in Castle Rock that ended up following a century that just happened to be going on at the same time. Toward the end, I passed a few people who seemed completely wrecked plowing into a 30 mph headwind. The sky was nearly black, with swirling clouds that threatened tornadoes (i found out later that one touched down nearby.) One lone roadie bent over his aerobars looked at me with bloodshot eyes and asked me what I had in my bags. I told him ... Camping gear, food, rain clothes. "Why so much?" he asked. I shrugged. "You never know." He shook his head. I think he was bummed that a severly overprepared mountain biker caught him. I should have told him I wasn't even riding the century. I was 40 miles into a fairly lax ride with only another two miles to go. But then I wondered how I would feel if our roles were swiched, and I was a wrecked Divide rider being passed by fresh century cyclists. I'd really just rather not know.

The road trip with the Pleskos has been fun. I get to ride in back with the bikes. Kim looks like a hog next to Chris's singlespeed. He weighs his chapstick! I feel more intimidated than ever, but I'm just going to let it roll.

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  1. It sounds like you are having fun!! Safe travels!

  2. That's pretty cool that you've got a Peek for your remote blogging (and email) needs now. Can we thank Kent Peterson for pointing you in that direction?

  3. Awesome Jill!

    Plesko, ha he is the king of the weight weenies. He weighs his chapstick, cuts the handle off of his toothbrush...and everything gets accounted for in a spreadsheet.

    Don't be intimidated, that's just Chris.

  4. Cool, you're a Peekster too! Get the Peek dudes to turn on Xtify and we can stalk, er track, you depending on what cell towers you go by.

  5. That century was the Elephant Rock Ride, one of Colorado's biggest cycling events, with several rides of varying distances for both road and mountain bikers. I've done that one a few times and really like it. I'd suggest you give it a go sometime, but you probably wouldn't like a ride where they provide food, drink and bathrooms for you at regular intervals. Where would the challenge be in that? ;-P

  6. weight weenies compensate for weakness. you are the real deal, and will find out how strong your cycling legs really are. I would put many dollars on the table that your legs outlast many of those who you ride with. Good choice on the event, alone for 30 days not even slightly enjoyable. Feed on others pain. That is what keeps me going in super long events.
    good luck and stay away from the soft ice!

  7. Hey Jill,

    Just a quick note to wish you luck at the race. I'll be checking in to see how it goes. Make them hurt!


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